We Are the Sisters

Add three brothers, four step siblings, spouses, and kids, and you get one super family. In other words, lots of Sisters and Sidekicks! We are best friends with a lot of unique skills and life experiences that we share on this blog.


I’m the big sister–all my siblings call me for how-to advice for everything from cooking to laundry to raising kids. I recently told my dad that my siblings are the best present I’ve ever received; it’s a gift that gets better with time!

I’m mom to six (kept the tradition: five girls!), wife of 25+ years, and having a mid-life crisis: four kids off to university, two are married, two left at home.

I have a degree in math, love sewing, reading, gardening, traveling with my family, cooking when I have to, and learning new things. Currently I’m learning a second language, how to play the piano, how to juggle, and yoga (I’m not very bendy).

I love chocolate, although cinnamon is catching up as I get older.


I’m the 2nd sister, so I spent years babysitting.  When my own 4 kids came along, I felt like it was just a continuation of everything I’d already been doing.  I’m now at the stage where my children think it is a good idea to go to college, so I’m quickly “losing” them, long before I’m ready (or old enough) to be an empty-nester,  even though I’ve been married 25 years!

I grew up in a family that made things from “scratch”, and still try to keep that up. Everyday I’m sewing or creating something, and while I like to cook, I do wish I liked to do dishes as well.

Over the years, I’ve tried my hand at running a small preschool in my home.  And now that all my kids are in school, I spend my time sewing up new projects for my handmade business A Little Frayed.  My latest adventure is taking ukulele lessons, and singing really loud when I’m home alone.


I’m the sister who likes to say I don’t have any talents or skills, which actually isn’t true. I just don’t choose to do all the crafty, sewing stuff that the rest of my sisters do. I prefer to travel the world with my family, train for races, go to concerts, clean teeth as a dental hygienist, and talk to everyone that I come in contact with. I’ve made friends all over the world and love to visit and keep up with these friendships.

The winters of New England drive me to California beaches each year for a respite with my sisters. I’m on a five year plan to spend my winters in California and eventually retire there!

My children are involved in music, soccer, lacrosse and theatre. My husband is a professor and competes in Ironman competitions–both of which allow me to travel to some fun places.

I love Trader Joe’s dark chocolate almonds, and ice cream from the local creameries.


I’m fifth in the line-up and love being in the middle! I had it the best growing up: being surrounded with siblings my whole life allowed me to make wonderful memories with each of them. Being in the middle provided me an abundance of responsibility and learning opportunities (though seldom appreciated at the time).

Teaching elementary school for 10 years was happily replaced with being a wife and mother (only a few of those years overlapped while my husband was in grad school). Our home has been blessed with 5 children, ages 1 to 11, and a husband who supports me staying home with them. I’m right in the thick of the “learning to be the mom I want to be” years.

My activity of choice is spending time with my family.


I’m the middle of the 11 siblings, which is the best place to be because I got to be home with the oldest siblings and the youngest.

I’m a wife of sixteen years and a mother to three musical, water-loving children. I am happiest with SUNSHINE, morning walks, morning meditations, a good salad, good chocolate, and Mexican food.

I’m a portrait photographer who believes everybody is photogenic and beautiful!  I occasionally enjoy sewing, knitting and/or crocheting.





I live in Southern California with my two sons and husband (of 15 years) who are silly and keep me entertained with their sports and music. I love being outside in the warm weather. I enjoy a good book, a good movie, and a good hotel! I love food and eating, but hate doing dishes.

I secretly dream of selling my home and belongings to travel the world with my little family for the rest of my life because I love to see new places and experience new foods.

I like to sew and watch the sun set over the ocean horizon.


I am the tenth of eleven. I love my large family and don’t know anything different!

I’ve been married for 10 years and am a mom of four young kids. I’m still learning by trial and error how to keep things running smoothly without an ongoing circus act.

I currently live in Arizona. I’ve literally lived all over the country because of my husband’s schooling/career path: Alaska, Wisconsin, Washington, New York, and now Arizona (AK was just for an adventure). Living all over the country has brought many great friends and experiences.

My undergraduate degree is in dance education. I love to dance and wish I did more of it these days. I love to run, swim, travel to new places, and sew. My weaknesses are candy and ice cream!


I’m the baby of the family. It doesn’t ever feel that way when we are together because we all act silly and laugh non-stop! I have ten of the best examples to look up to; I’ve been blessed to follow in their footsteps.

Growing up in an artistic family, I spent hours upon hours crafting and creating treasures as a child. It didn’t change much as I grew up. After high school I became a hair stylist and enjoy the artistic side of that. I also attended an art school where I learned about pastries and decorating cakes. My latest interest that keeps me busy and occupies my free time is painting wooden pegs into characters/people.

What I’m most proud of are the 4 handsome boys in my life, one whom I’ve been married to for 11 years, and my 3 wild, lovable boys. They keep me active and busy, but being a mom is my biggest blessing. We wish we could move to Disneyland–it’s my little family’s favorite place to visit together!