I’ve been needing to decorate my living room wall space for sometime. Recently, I made a new piece of string art to add to a wall collage. Making this USA string art was simple and inexpensive. Here are some of the steps I took to get to my finished product.

1 – Start with a board. Mine was a 14″x11″ scrap piece of wood we had in the workroom. I didn’t worry about cutting it to size. I wasn’t picky and I knew I could size the United States map in photoshop to fit the board. I stained the board a dark walnut. You can also paint the board to you color of choice.

bare string art board ready to stain

2 – Gather your supplies. I used crochet thread and nails found at Hobby Lobby. Make sure the nails have a flat head. This prevents the string from slipping off.

string art supplies

3 – Next, print a map of the USA. I found a great one here. Adjust the map in photoshop to fit the board you have.

4 – Carefully tape a few edges of the map down. Once this is done, nail down the nails around the edge of your map. You can see how certain edges of the US had be to smoothed out for the sake of the project.

Tip – Make sure each nail is in the wood far enough to hold a few twists of thread and not bend. You could place a book along the top of the nails to see if they’re all pretty flat. Or eyeball it.

United States Map on string art board with nails set ready to go

United States Map on string art board with nails set ready to go

United States Map on string art board

5 – Once the nails are placed, carefully rip the paper away. (I forgot to rip the paper off once I started stringing. . . of course I realized this and had to undo what I had done. Whoops)

6 – Tie a knot, or two, on a nail and begin stringing. I wrapped the string around each nail before going to another nail.

String art - USA united states

String art - USA united states

7 – Hang or place in a wonderful place for everyone to see :) I think it made a great addition to my newly placed collage in my living room.

wall collage decor - family photo with wooden art and USA string art

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  1. This is really a great piece of work from just a piece of wood. It is easy to do so and will make a beautiful display. Anyone can create this too.

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