This summer, I have been taking advantage of our longer days at home to cook more with my kids. The more they help with the daily food prep, it will come easy to them. The skill we focused on today was using a sharp knife for cutting. Using a sharp kitchen knife doesn’t just come naturally for anyone. I realized the more my kids use a kitchen knife they will get a feel for it in their hands. Over the years of using sharp knives, I’ve cut myself plenty. I don’t want them to cut themselves, but it’s inevitable. Because I want them to feel confident in the kitchen and that means we can’t avoid using a sharp knife forever.

Today, we made Mom’s Special Salsa. Lovingly named by my son. I have never used a recipe for this before, I just eyeball it and love the end result. My son wanted to have a written recipe so as we made the salsa, he wrote down the amounts we used.
Making fresh salsa is a great way to practice using a sharp knife. Every ingredient needs to be cut. I demonstrated how to cut each particular ingredient, and then we both shared in the cutting.

Cilantro was first. I let my son use kitchen sheers to begin with and realized that would take forever. With a knife we made quick work of it together.
Slicing the tomatoes was a little more tricky. For a first timer, he did a good job. After slicing them, we did tomato strips, and then cubed those. He seemed to do better with cubing the strips where the skins weren’t involved. I sliced the onion, and then had him dice those similar to the tomatoes. It worked great because my eyes always get cry when cutting onions. I was able to avoid this because his eyes didn’t  seemed phased at all.

I taught him how to roll the lime around under pressure on the table. This helps soften it up and makes it easier to squeeze by hand and get more juice from it. The skin of the lime was hard to slice through for him, but going slowly, he did it with his thumb carefully out of the way.




Mom’s Special Salsa (Pico De Gallo)

1/2 Cup cilantro chopped small
3-4 Medium tomatoes diced
1/2 half onion diced small
Juice from 1 lime (about 4-5 tsp.)
salt to taste

Mix all ingredients in a bowl.
Chill in fridge for flavors to blend. Enjoy!


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