To keep routine and schedule to our summer, I decided to have a weekly summer library reading schedule. To start the planning, my kids and I wrote a list of topics they wanted to learn about. Then, each Monday we visit the library for books on specific weekly topics for our summer library reading schedule. We plan to read and learn about each topic for one week. Young minds are eager to learn and the weekly library schedule provides fun opportunities for my kids to learn during the summer.

Here is a picture of the original list from brainstorming topics for our weekly library reading schedule:

summer reading and learning schedule - list of topics created by child


After narrowing down topics to 10 weeks of summer, I printed a weekly calendar and wrote in the topics with pencil. Pictured below is our list scheduled on the calendar. If and when I get time, I can add specific activities to go along with each topic for a specific calendar day.


Summer reading and learning schedule - calendar posted on wall for kids to see daily


My kids love knowing the schedule for each week. A large dry erase calendar hangs in the kitchen for easy viewing. My kids look forward to scheduled activities and appointments. Because of this, the summer library reading schedule is next to this calendar providing easy viewing access.  I write in daily activities giving my kids an updated calendar to look at and be excited for.


Summer reading and learning schedule - calendar posted on wall for kids to see daily


Our first trip to the library was a success. My kids loved looking for pictures of our first weeks topic – Dogs. We found informational books on dogs as well as fun stories with dogs as the main characters. This variety was able to keep my 3, and 7 year old entertained for the first week of reading at home.


Summer Reading Schedule - kids reading books in library

Summer Reading Schedule - children finding books for weekly topic to read about

Packing up the dog books to check out, at the end of our library visit, was a simple test with our new summer library bag! We’re ready to enjoy the coming weeks of summer as we learn about new things each week!


Summer Reading Schedule - child packing up books for weekly topic to read about

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