It was blazing hot inside and out as I was getting ready for a trip the other day.  I needed to bake some French bread rolls for the meals my kids planned, and decided it wouldn’t really take any longer in the solar oven than not.


I love homemade breads in general.  It’s something I grew up with and am thrilled to be able to continue. These French Bread Rolls are so easy, don’t have egg or milk (for those with allergies), and make perfect little servings of (round) French bread for everyone.  I usually add garlic and rosemary to the dough for an interesting flavor dimension.


I also usually cheat and use instant yeast instead of regular and make the dough in my automatic bread machine, so the process is a little different than from the original recipe.  But the original recipe fits in my machine perfectly.
You can make this French bread roll dough in an automatic bread machine


I needed exactly eight rolls and two mini loaves of French bread, so I got a little crazy, weighed the dough with my kitchen scale, and divided everything perfectly.
French bread dough is being weighed on a kitchen scale


Then I shaped the French Bread rolls and loaves, let them rise, egg-washed the tops, and slashed the loaves before baking.
French bread and rolls are ready to bake in the Solar Oven


It was late in the afternoon and 87°F outside, which meant 375°F inside my Sun Oven solar oven.  That’s as hot as I’ve ever seen it get inside!  I had to bake in two shifts because of the pan sizes, but the loaves did okay while they waited their turn.  I baked each shift for about 35 minutes.
French Bread rolls are baking in the Sun Oven solar ovenFrench bread is baking in the Sun Oven solar oven


We ate chicken salad on the rolls while we drove (best travel meal ever), and turned the loaves into garlic bread the next day.  I’d say my experiment this week was a success.
Solar Oven French bread is slathered with garlic butter for garlic bread


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  1. Edith

    So good! French bread is the best. I would love your chicken salad recipe.

  2. Beth jeppson

    I love your series on solor oven cooking :)

  3. Seriously – this solar oven would be a hit for us in Phoenix. My husband brought that up the other day. They charge us 4X’s the cost for power during 12noon-7pm (m-F). That’s prime dinner cooking time! I may need to seriously consider looking into one.

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