My 5 year old goes to preschool Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for half a day. During afternoon quiet time (i.e. nap time for younger siblings) we’ve been working together doing “homework”.  This is where I’ve been teaching him, showing him, and explaining things to him so he will be ready for kindergarten (and learning in life in general).

This time is valuable for me to work one-on-one with my son. This time is dedicated to him! Once he goes to school next year he will be gone all day and I will miss having the precious time we had together each day. I will miss him!

We’ve been working for a few months on different activities I’ve created and some I’ve found online. I’ve taught and tested his knowledge of: numbers, letters, colors, shapes, drawing, writing and reading. It’s been fun as he’s been excited for his “homework” time and I get to see how he learns and what he knows.

Homework preschool aged child, completing homemade matching worksheet

One of the many homemade matching worksheet I’ve created.

Today we did a big review of the goals we’ve been working towards. I love seeing his excitement for what he’s learned and accomplished. The goals are pictured below.

Homework preschool aged child , kindergarten goal sheet

These are basic goals for a pre-schooler to be ready for kindergarten. Some of these things will also be taught in kindergarten. Knowing these things (above goals) ahead of time will only build confidence in learning. My son is a quiet, reserved child in a crowd of people. I want him to feel comfortable with the material he’s going to be learning incase he’s uncomfortable and unable to learn because of his own anxiety.

I assembled a simple wide-ruled notebook with each goal (on the goal sheet pictured above) getting a page or two. The pictures below are some ways we reviewed the goals.

Homework Preschool aged child should be able to write their first and last name and letters - upper and lower case

Write first and last name.

Homework preschool aged child, Identifying colors

Know colors.

Homework Preschool aged child identifying letters - upper and lower case

Know letter names and sounds.

Homework Preschool aged child identifying vowels and vowel sounds

Know vowels and their sounds.

Homework Preschool aged child reading CVC words, sight words

Read CVC (consonant-vowel-consonant) words.

Homework preschool aged child, CVC words, Kindergarten sight words

Read and write sight words.

Homework Preschool aged child identifying shapes

Identify shapes.

Homework Preschool aged child identifying numbers 1-20

Identify numbers 1-20

Homework preschool aged child, Writing numbers 1-10

Write numbers 1-20

Homework preschool aged child, Writing numbers 1-100

Write numbers 1-100



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