4th of july fireworks art paint project on a large sheet of art paper

My daughter loves the creative process.  She always has her own ideas of what she wants and how she wants to do it.  Some would say it’s her strong-willed personality showing through, but I call it creativity.

Art projects are great for girl time and I love that she chooses the creative art projects over things like getting her nails painted. We like to cruise Pinterest together and other internet sources which i’ve found for kids art projects.  My favorite is a blog called Red Ted Art . I follow Red Ted Art on Pinterest and Facebook and there is a never a shortage of new and fun ideas.

My daughter especially loves to paint.  She recently ran across this idea for painting fireworks using empty toilet paper rolls.  She collected the cardboard tubes in preparation for this project.  We cut up from the bottom of each cardboard tube all the way around.  We made some cuts long and some short. Some thick and some thin.  We mixed colors and overlapped colors and just experimented.  She finished the project off with her fingers leaving little dots all over.

recycled toilet paper roll with paint art project

painting art projects with kids

painting with finger paints for a 4th of july art project


a child holding up art project with paint for the 4th of july

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