area rug for family room with triangles

We are renting a home where the entire downstairs living area has nothing but tile flooring. It runs from room to room without any dividers. Area rugs for me are a nice way to split up the space and define one area from another. My family room is where we spend a lot of time but mine is just there with no real definition from the hall way. To cozy up the space, I ordered a nice wool area rug from rugusa. I am pretty picky and once I found the one I wanted, I waited for an after-Thanksgiving sale because I needed a pretty large size: 9 x 12 ft. I even think a little larger would have been nice. The triangles in the rug I chose ended up being a perfect match for my couch pillows.
The difference the rug makes to the space is amazing to me! It’s now a small defined space to relax in.

area rug for family room with triangles

I knew that wool rugs shed a lot at first and I was prepared for this. It was interesting to vacuum my triangle rug the very first time and have to empty the vacuum canister twice! This is important to note because it can damage your vacuum if the canister gets too full, plus it decreases the suction, not allowing your vacuum to suck up dirt like it should.
It has taken approximately 4 months of regular vacuuming for the wool shedding to subside. I still get some pile from the wool every so often but for the most part it’s done shedding. Normal vacuuming for my house is about two-three times a week. Sometimes one time. But I prefer to stick to two or more when possible.
The reason I vacuum so often is to dust. My tile floor gets dusty and I know the same amount of dust is also on my rugs. I also see the dust on my side tables and fireplace. Even if it’s not visible on the rug, or carpet, I know the dust is damaging my rug fibers. The dust and dirt and microscopic rocks work their way down through the fibers into the base of the rug. The build up of small particles of dust can cut the fibers of the rug making it have a worn look. When vacuuming, I put the rolling brushes up as high as they will go, I don’t need them wearing out the rug from the top. I’m just using the vacuum as a suction to suck up all the dirt and particles that are on the rug before they make their way down to the base of the rug to cause damage.

I also purchased a wool rug for my entry way to break up the space and make it more welcoming. This area is still a work in progress but for now the rug adds a nice cozy feel to our feet. This is the canister after the very first vacuuming of the entry way rug. It is a 5 x 7 rug.


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