Mothers have played an important role in our lives. Even without a biological mother present, women have influenced all of our lives for good. Today, we pay tribute to our mother, step-mothers, sisters, grandmothers, aunts, friends and our own experiences of being a mother.

Mothers Day Flowers
Mother Day - Playing with Kids


The days go by so slow. But the years flew by so fast.
My arms ached from holding you all day. Now my arms ache to hold you as a baby again.



My child was such a picky eater. Now he never stops eating.

Mothers Day - Picky Eater


Will this child ever stop crying. Now I wish my child would tell me how she’s feeling.

Mothers day Tribute - Crying child on ground


I remember rocking you to sleep.  Now I come watch you rocking out with your band.

Mothers Day - Holding Sleeping Baby
It was fun to cheer as you learned to walk, run, ride a bike, swim.  Now I cheer you on at triathlons.

Mothers Day - Children running in race
I loved zipping you into your fuzzy jammies.  Now I zip your Prom dresses and wedding dresses.  (Someday I’ll have little jammies to zip up again.)

Mother Day Tribute - Pajamas and Wedding dress
You used to leave me little love notes.  Now you leave me “don’t forget to…” notes.
Then, weekly trips to the library.  Now, a week of vacation is too long to go without your devices!

I used to kiss your baby feet.  Now, not a chance.
Once I caught you dressing up in my clothes (how did you get those on your tiny little legs?).  Now you won’t be caught dead in my clothes.

Mothers Day Tribute - Child in Moms Pants
Once, I drove endless carpools.  Now, I wait up until you get home so I can go to sleep.

Past: I saw the mischievous gears in your head as you realized you could get a reaction from your baby sister.  Present:  “I miss my baby sister” (who is serving an LDS mission on the other side of the globe).

Way back when I could do three loads of laundry (blues, pinks, whites) for a week’s worth of tiny clothes. Now it takes me all week to do a week’s worth of laundry!

Years and years and years of monthly payments for unnumbered music lessons.  Now it’s one lump sum for expensive instruments, watching you perform, and wondering where that stage presence came from.


Nights and nights of teaching you to pray. Tonight Dad asks you to pray and you pray for your family. I’m so blessed to be your mom.

Happy Mothers Day!

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  1. Sue

    I used to read you boardbooks while you sat on my lap. Now you sit and read chapter books to your self for hours. You used to play in the pots and pans while I cooked. Now you make chocolate chip cookies on your own. I used to buckle you into your car seat. Now you buckle yourself into the front seat next to me. In a few years you’ll be wanting the driver seat. I used to listen to you jabber away with no real words. Now I listen to you give talks in church. I used to look at you with love and amazement and wonder how I was the one blessed to be your mom. I still do.

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