Read on for a brilliant way to hack a king-sized bed to get exactly what you want…


As I get older (it’s true!), I am more and more aware of my need for sleep.  I’ve always been jealous of brothers and kids who can crash on the couch in the middle of Christmas chaos and sleep for hours, or of people who can sleep in cars, or buses, or even on airplanes.  It makes me wish I could ask my mom what kind of sleeper I was from the very beginning.  Hmm.


If you’ve read or listened to any kind of news report in the past decade you have probably heard of the many benefits of consistently getting enough sound, restorative sleep.  I’ll list just a few that impressed me the most, but this list just scratches the surface:

  • Sleep helps children and youth grow
  • Sleep helps your brain to work properly (cognitively, emotionally, creatively)
  • Sleep helps heal your body; sleep deficiency can increase the risk for heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, stroke, obesity, etc., etc.
  • Sleep impacts your immune system in a good way.
  • No-brainer: sleep helps you function during the day and protects you from causing dangerous accidents.
  • Sleep increases your life expectancy. Not hard to see why.


I’ve always been a decent sleeper, but I like things to be perfect when I sleep: no moving vehicles, no light, no sound (not even white noise), no vibrations (snoring), not too hot, not too cold, warm feet, comfy bed, no weird seams or sheet wrinkles irritating me, no drafts around my neck or back.  You get the idea: I’m actually a pretty picky sleeper, but once I get to sleep I’m usually good to go.  I fantasize about having my own little sleeping space where all of my listed sleep requirements are taken care of for me.  Maybe one of these Tranquility Pods
…but without the lights, sound, and vibration it includes.  Its description says “the pod’s ellipsoid exterior blocks 90% of outside noise.”  Perfect, but why would you then go ahead and add your own lights, sound, and vibrations??


One of the best things I’ve done recently to improve my sleep is get a new bed.  We upgraded from a queen to a king for one reason: a standard king size bed is the same size as two XL twin beds.  Yep.  That means I got to choose which comfort level of bed I wanted, and my husband got to choose his.  Think marshmallow vs. concrete.  They fit in the same bed frame and the seam space between them is imperceptible.  Plus, it’s so much easier to flip and move an XL twin mattress than it is a king-sized one.

This king sized bed is actually composed of two XL twin mattresses so that each sleeper can choose their own mattress!

Two XL twin mattresses are the same size as a standard king-sized bed.


We use a standard king-sized mattress pad and sheet set and no one is the wiser, except me :)


The bed skirt on this bed doesn’t cover the entire mattress foundation box.  (Can you imagine what a pain that would be?)  Instead, it wraps around on three sides and tucks in far enough with the white extender fabric to keep it in place.  I have to adjust it each time I change the sheets, but it’s trivial.
The bed skirt on this king sized bed just wraps around and tucks in on three sides

  1. Edith

    I honestly need this. I knew you did this, but hadn’t really given it any thought about how convenient it is. we would like to upgrade to a king soon. Rotating yes, but if you ever move, you only have twin mattresses to move. So is the box spring one large one or two small twins?

  2. Cindy

    The foundation (box spring) is also two separate pieces. Can you imagine moving THAT inflexible thing around a doorway corner if it weren’t?!

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