My favorite ice-cream scoop is Pampered Chef’s ice cream scoop!!

When I have a craving for ice cream, I need it quick. I usually grab for a spoon to dig it out and not uncommonly I end up reshaping the poor spoon after I’m done, hoping my husband doesn’t notice. Recently I got a Pampered Chef Ice Cream Scooper for my birthday. This is one of my new favorite things!!! A comfort-grip silicon handle and heavy-duty cast aluminum with nonstick coating are the perfect combination of materials to get the job done. Totally worth $10.

I have always loved ice cream! We keep at least 2-3 half gallons in our freezer at all times. It’s good to have on hand. You never know when a craving is going to strike. Or when visitors will be around.


I like my ice cream as cold as possible when I start to eat it. That’s why they call it hard ice cream, right? That way it can melt slowly as I’m eating it – and that usually doesn’t happen too quickly. Who wants a soupy mess by the time they’re halfway done? I honestly don’t understand those people who microwave their ice cream or let it thaw on the counter.

This scoop has an angled tip that comes to a point allowing you to dig right into the frozen ice cream, pushing it into the ice cream like you would a fork.


The sides are nicely contoured for scraping every last bit off the sides of the carton.

Seriously, I’ve used many scoops and this is by far my favorite and definitely the easiest on my arms! It has received LOTS of use in the last few months (maybe a little too much).



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