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Sitting in our back yard hammock is an activity the whole family enjoys.


Many great family moments have happened in this hammock: Talking with kids about school, interests, and curious thoughts they have. Resting with the kids, getting to cuddle and spend time together. Kids pushing each other on like a swing. Each of the older kids have even spent some alone time hammock themselves resting and thinking.

My mother-in-law sent my 7-year-old a hammock for his birthday. (THIS is the exact one on Amazon). At first I wasn’t sure where we were going to attach it since we don’t have two side-by-side trees in our yard. The brick pillars in our back patio proved to be a perfect spot (thanks to my husband’s idea) for our back yard hammock.


My husband put the hammock rope in a thick webbing to protect it from rubbing and wearing on the brick.  The brick grooves also provide a nice catch for the hammock rope to keep it in place – preventing it from sliding down.




We used a locking carabiner to keep the rope looped around the brick pillar and closed on the other side. This allows us to bypass tying a knot and keeping hammock rope lasting. The carabiner also allows for easy removal of the hammock when the kids want to ride bikes on the patio.


We also don’t keep the hammock out everyday. The late afternoon sun beats down on the fabric of the hammock and over time it will start to sun dry and wear the fabric out. To keep the hammock lasting as long as possible we remove it when the weather is extra hot.



When the weather is beautiful and nice who doesn’t want to be outside?


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  1. Backyard is indeed the best place to have some bond with your family. And making this backyard hammock will make it better. With this, your kids will have a place where they can have the afternoon sleep. You can even have it during your late night thoughts.

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