I am practical almost to a fault, so it was no surprise when I asked my husband for a Sun Oven solar oven for an anniversary gift several years ago.  Romantic, isn’t it?  But at least I’ll be able to cook him hot meals if (when) the power ever goes out.


The solar oven cost a small fortune, but I figured it was good for emergencies and good for the environment and good for experimenting with.  So I did experiment with it, for a while.  And then life got busy and new things came along and it sat lonely in the storage room, no light of day.  And I’m pretty sure it’s happiest in the light of day.


So I’ve decided to challenge myself and see what I can do with it this summer.  (It might only be April but that’s summer enough for me!)  Once a week I’m going to drag out the solar oven and cook something with it.  And share it here (not the food, just my experience.)  On Saturdays.  And hey, the solar oven might even earn an honorary spot by the back door so I don’t have to do so much dragging.


But I jest.  It actually only weighs 21 pounds and folds up snugly like a suitcase.  No dragging necessary.

And it has a carrying handle.

And it’s made in the USA and has been for decades.

And “a portion of the proceeds from every SUN OVEN® purchased in the U.S. goes to help with [their] work in third world countries around the world” in places where deforestation is problematic but sunshine is plentiful.  (See more here and here.)

Can your oven do that??


Meet my Sun Oven® solar oven
Global Sun Oven solar oven packed up for carrying

My Sun Oven solar oven, all packed up


Global Sun Oven solar oven opened up and ready to use

The Sun Oven solar oven open and ready for cooking. (Do you have any idea how hard it was to get a picture of this without blinding myself or having my shadow or reflection in the picture?)


Examples of cookware for use in a solar oven

These are some types of cookware that work best for solar oven cooking. (I made the purple drawstring bag to keep my solar oven cookware in. Purple was free that day–i.e. what I had in my fabric stash.)


Stay tuned for weekly updates on my solar cooking adventures!

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  1. Beth

    oh wow. this looks like so much fun!! Spencer did some solar oven cooking for a science fair project.

  2. Edith

    I’ll be looking forward to more Saturday solar oven cooking!

  3. I’ve had some rhubarb crisp out of this oven a few summer back! It was tasty and pretty amazing that it cooked in the sun :)

  4. Logan

    This would be awesome in Arizona. Less peak-period electricity use, less heat in the kitchen, and less A/C use to cool the kitchen back down. And reliable all-day sun! Probably wouldn’t even have to buy the oven, just stick the pot in the sun… in fact that’s how we used to melt snow on Mt. Rainier for our climbing clients – in a matte-black painted 50-gallon steel barrel.

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