My kids are constantly talking and reminiscing about memories they’ve had from their past. It makes me feel like I’m doing something right. I try so hard to create a childhood for them that they will remember and enjoy. There are certain events that I try extra hard with, birthdays included. As an adult I can’t tell you about each and every birthday party from my childhood, but I do know that they were happy memories in my past. Adults don’t always love celebrating like kids do, so I feel it’s important for my kids to enjoy and love them while they are young. My boys are the age now where they like to browse through Pinterest and give suggestions on their “theme” for that year. We don’t by any means go extreme with the theme! We kept asking my 4-turning-5-year-old what theme he wanted.  We didn’t ever get a response.  I had fun ideas, but I didn’t want to push them on him.  I wanted it to be 100% his choice.  Finally, one day I asked him and he told me he wanted a Rio party.  Wow, I wasn’t expecting that.  I had to pull out my thinking cap and figure out how I was going to pull it off.


Lets start by saying I’m pretty cheap when it comes to spending money on something I know that I can make myself.  Like a pinata! Who wants to buy one fore $30 when I can make one for maybe $1.  So I searched and searched and did my research on the birds in the movie Rio.  A Blue Macaw.  It didn’t seam hard.  I came home from the store from shopping and realized I forgot the balloon I was going to use as the base of the pinata.  So I found an old balloon from my 2-year-old’s party 3 weeks before. It was still floating around our ceilings and I figured it was time to retire it.


I mixed equal parts flour and water for the paste, and used newspaper pieces.  It brought back memories of Art class in high school.  My dad was the art teacher in fact. The big pinata I made in the class ended up becoming a big turkey pinata and my family had fun smacking it at Thanksgiving!


Rio birthday making a Blue Macaw Pinata

Rio birthday party Blue Macaw Pinata

I added feathers to add final finishing touches.  I think it turned out ok! I’m not a professional by any means, but for a 5-year-old it was PERFECT!

Rio birthday party smashing the blue macaw pinata

While I was growing up, my mom made and decorated birthday and wedding cakes for people. Taking all her cake books and looking in them to pick my perfect birthday cake was my favorite thing to do. My cake was picked out months before my birthday. The famous Barbie cake and the formal wedding type cake were my top 2. My cakes are what I remember most! I’ve tried to carry this tradition into my kids. I’m not a talented cake decorator, but I do my best to customize it to what my kids want. Usually the cake is the first place we start with the theme of the party. It’s always fun to see my boys’ ideas. Here is my son’s Rio-themed cake I decorated.  I made it with a marshmallow fondant.

Rio birthday party fondant decoarted cake

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