I am all about quick meal prep.  Cooking Meals is something you have to do everyday, so I have a few things to get out of the kitchen quicker.  One thing is some simple do-ahead Meal Prep.  When I come home from the grocery store, I unload some of my fresh vegetables over by the kitchen sink.  Then I can wash and prep what I’m going to use in the next few days, before I stick all that produce into the fridge.   And I make up a “veggie tray” that we snack on for the next few days.

washed vegetables drying on the counter

One of the newest things that I have started doing, is freezing Green Onions.  It started when we were headed out of town for a few days and there was no way we would be able to eat all the fresh food that I had before we left.  I started freezing whatever I could, and  green onions were one of the things that got frozen. And that is when I discovered how convenient they were to use.  Open freezer, grab bag and dump.  Suddenly making an omelet in the morning sounded much more doable!

chopped green onions on a cutting board

Green Onions are simple to freeze.  Some veggies have to be blanched before you can freeze them, but green onions don’t.  (If in doubt, Ball Blue Book is my favorite reference for how to preserve food.) One thing you do need to keep in mind, is that frozen green onions are good for going into cooked foods only.  If you want to add them to a green salad, use fresh.

cut up green onions in a ziplock bag

Green onions cut, and ready to go into the freezer


Freezing Green Onions:

  1. Wash and trim ends. Let them dry sufficiently so there is not excess water on them when freezing.
  2. Chop into the desired size.
  3. Fill a freezer bag or freezer container and stick in the freezer
  4. When you are ready to use, just removed the desired amount from the container, and immediately return the rest of the green onions to the freezer.

See, simple!  And the best part for me, is that when I’m tired or in a hurry, I know I’ve already saved myself some kitchen time with my quick meal prep done days or weeks before.


frozen green onions for quick meal prep

Frozen Green onions ready to use.


cut up green onions in a ziplock bag



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  1. Allyson

    I’ve never thought to freeze green onions. I rarely buy them because I’m the only one in the family who likes them. Another thing I’ve been freezing in Ginger Root! It’s something I rarely use, but when I do need some it’s all ready to go!

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