As a parent we all have a file folder stashed in our brain labeled “quick attention grabbers.” With three boys who get restless and rambunctious I’m forced to go into this folder often and pull something out quickly that can help focus and engage their brains. This usually happens around 4 p.m. or when Daddy gets home from work. Why does Daddy always unleash the crazy in our kids?

What is my go-to game?  Don’t Eat Pete! This is the quickest game EVER, but a great way to focus everyone’s attention. It also doesn’t require any setup or preparation.  As long as you have a stash of chocolate chips or marshmallows, you’re good to go.

Don't Eat Pete, Family Game

This isn’t a game I grew up playing, but my husband did.  His aunt gave us an amazing book full of information/activities when we were married that has this game in it.  We play it most Monday nights for our Family Home Evenings. This is a night that my family has once a week to focus on our family and teach gospel principles.  It always includes singing, prayers, short lesson, treats, and of course a game.  My family growing up was big into playing games and especially a card game called Golf.  Our dad was especially good at it! My husband and his family played Don’t Eat Pete as their go-to FHE game.  My husband and I played it when my oldest was younger, and we were hooked.  It’s such a silly game, but kids love it!  I realized when I helped my 2nd grader’s class play it over Valentine’s Day that so many kids had no idea what this game was or how to play it.  It was fun teaching these kids and seeing the instant fun it created. My youngest loved it when he was only a few months old because he laughed and laughed when he heard everyone yell “Don’t Eat Pete!”

Don't Eat Pete, Game Board

You place a treat on the character in each box. You pick someone to close their eyes. At that time, everyone else chooses and agrees upon one character to be Pete.  Once the person with their eyes closed opens their eyes they now have to try really hard to eat all the treats on the board, one at a time, without eating Pete.  If they go to reach for Pete, everyone yells “Don’t Eat Pete!”  So the idea is to eat as many treats as you can before you try and eat Pete.  What child wouldn’t want to snack on treats while they play a game?

We have great success with this game. What a fun way to create instant family bonding time. It’s full of laughter and fun. The best part is, EVERYONE likes to play, easy set up, clean up.

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