Spiders and I don’t get along. They are small, yes, but they are also fast, and I know they are out to get me. My eyes are always scanning the ceiling and walls as I move about my house . My sidekick husband is mostly kind when ever I tell him there is a spider and ask if he will he get it? He grudgingly abides, not understanding why I always see them.

The other night I was getting into bed. I’ve seen quite a few spiders on my pillows hiding in the last year. They are in abundance in our yard here, it seems like, and we’ve seen some huge ones in our house. Because of this, I never get in bed without ruffling my pillow a bit. so after ruffling my pillow this particular night, I laid down and in an instant saw a big spider above me on the ceiling. As fast as I could, I sat up and turned to take a better look.  It had fallen just at that moment onto my pillow, where my head had been a split second earlier. See, I told you spiders are out to get me. I’m sure it was his plan all along to fall on my face. I couldn’t call to my husband fast enough to come get it as he slowly searched for his glasses so he could see. The spider hurried off my pillow onto my mattress towards me, then turned quickly and did a dive off the edge of the mattress and onto the floor. All the while my husband was still searching for his glasses. The spider disappeared and I hurried off the bed by way of the other side. The spider was nowhere to be seen. Shaking the bed skirt resulted in nothing. Shining a light under the bed showed no spider. I have one tall leg table by my bedside so there was nowhere for it to hide. But it didn’t re-appear. That night, I went and slept in my young child’s room. I put him on the floor and took his comfy bed.

Hello, my name is Edith and I’m deathly afraid of spiders.

My oldest son is to the point now when I call for him to “come quick… and bring your shoe!” he says, “Where’s the spider…”


See THIS post by my sister, Cindy. I would have nightmares for life if I saw what was under that container with my own eyes.

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