My kids get Good Friday off of school. I wanted to come up with some activities for them while out of school and also fun for the upcoming holiday – Easter.

I found some great free online coloring sheets HERE. My kids had a great time coloring them Friday morning when there was a need for an organized activity.


Once the eggs were colored we cut them out. Great fine motor practice to get those little hands strong. (I helped the littlest or they would have never got cut out). I also cut out triangles for the banner.


Next came glueing the eggs to the colored triangles. I tried to be patient and sit back and let the kids do it. I love seeing where and how they put the eggs on the triangles. My daughter’s were never straight and sometimes on their side. This made me smile. This is a great activity to help them use glue sticks!


With the help of each child (one handing me the triangles, one sliding them down, and one holding the string) I threaded yarn in each triangle (the hole was poked by scissors – the hole punch was lost).



Because we live in Arizona the weather was beautiful to sit outside and eat our Easter Dinner. The banner was a great addition to the meal. My kids were excited to share it with our guest and tell how they made it.


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  1. Beth

    Adorable Heather :) I love it

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