At Christmas time I often find myself thinking back to when I was a child.  I think of the traditions and special things that created a magical Christmas for me year after year!  Something I especially loved was our Christmas stockings. My aunt and mom made them and I’m not sure if there is a story behind them, or the particular design, but if there is I hope one of my sister sidekicks will speak up and share it. <hint hint> Each stocking was personalized in some way. I asked my siblings around the country to send me pictures of their stockings so I could reminisce and share.  These were the best pictures I got from them.  I laughed a little when I realized for the first time how quickly these stockings must have been put together.  Raw edges, fabric glue, un-perfect placement of the pieces, and yet, they are so beautiful and special to me and to each of my siblings.  It goes to show that perfection, too much time spent, and high expectations are not what matters when creating traditions and long lasting memories with our families.  What a great reminder!

christmas stockings homemade

Christmas stockings for children

Here the detail shows how quickly (but also lovingly) they must have been put together. :)


For so many years I have wanted to re-make my own family’s Christmas stockings.  I made some back before I was married but I’ve never been entirely in love with them and I’ve always wanted new ones.  Each year I think “THIS IS THE YEAR” but I always find myself too busy.  With the new understanding that perfectionism, too much time spent, and high expectations are not what matters when creating memorable traditions, I might be able to come up with something this year my children can cherish.

These next two are mine and my husband’s.  His is homemade by his mother.  Mine has seen MUCH love over the years!!

childhood christmas stockings

Here is what I made and I’ve only got four of them but we need five.
homemade family christmas stockings

family christmas stockings homemade
Here are some stockings I’ve made for other people over the years.

These pet Christmas stockings were made for the two “children” in that particular family.  These came together pretty quickly and were a gift to our friends.

pet christmas stocking

These next Christmas stockings were made back when I did custom sewing projects and clothing through ebay. They were a special order request from a family who loved all things cowboy.

cowboys christmas stockingscowboy christmas stocking ideas

This next Christmas stocking was thrown together with some scraps and I only made the one.

homemade christmas stocking

Here is another set I threw together for myself with discount fabric.  I only made three of them.  They are used only for decoration.

homemade christmas stockings


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  1. Stockings are great to be made and personalized for each family member. I enjoy seeing all of these. I want to make new ones for my family, but my 7 year old says he likes his that he’s been using for 5 years now. I made a bunch 5 years ago and they’re a bit too small. An orange can’t really fit in the toe unless it’s a small one :(

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