Ideaforhanging holidaycards

I needed to come up with a solution to displaying my holiday cards, after moving to a house with no large mantle over the fireplace. In the past I have always just set the holiday cards up in the middle of the Christmas decorations on my mantle and built in shelves next to the fireplace.


I sewed together a fabric bunting with jute and holiday fabric. The idea was to space the fabric triangles far enough apart to display holiday cards in-between while still being able to see the fabric bunting. The bunting can be hung in any shape in different rooms and configurations. Pictured here is back and forth over my foyer table.


Connecting the cards I simply use a paper clip and put them where space allows. I used push pins to tack the jute into my wall. The hole can simple be filled back in with paint if you have the matching wall paint.

Cards can easily be added as they come in the mail throughout the holiday months. No need to set it up all at once. Enjoy the cards and faces with a great display for the end of the year into the new year.

Here’s another idea for a Christmas Card Display.

And here’s an idea of what to do with those Christmas cards once you take down your decorations.

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