One of my favorite holiday memories growing up is eating my mom’s famous chocolate pudding dessert! It was loved by all, and always a dessert you could catch yourself going back for seconds and thirds. Holidays are all about the memories and traditions, and my mom didn’t lack on either. I’m trying so hard to create some for my kids to remember and look forward to each year. This one is so important for me to keep going.

4 layer chocolate pudding dessert!

It’s super simple to make, and a quick recipe to prepare to take to your next holiday party. You can also make this recipe in two 9-inch pie or round cake pans, or half it and use just one 9-inch dish.

Chocolate Pudding Dessert

Mix well and press into a 9×12 pan:
1 1/2 Cup Flour
1 1/2 Sticks of Butter
1/2 – 1 Cup of Chopped Nuts (optional)

Cook at 350°F for 10 minutes or until it’s light golden brown. Let cool.

Cream Cheese Layer-
8 oz Cream Cheese
1 Cup Powdered Sugar
-Mix those two together really well, and then add
1 1/2 Whipped Cream

Spread this on the cooled crust.

Pudding Layer-
1 pkg (6 oz) Instant Chocolate Pudding
1 pkg (6 oz) Instant Vanilla Pudding
3 Cups of Milk

Beat together until smooth and thick. Spread on top of the cream cheese layer.

2 Cups Whipped Cream
Grated Chocolate Shavings

Spread the whipped cream on top of the pudding and sprinkle the chocolate shavings on top to finish.

CrustWhip CreamPudding LayersChocolate Pudding Dessert


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  1. Cindy

    I made a variation of this for Thanksgiving this year, instead of chocolate cream pie. As always, it’s a huge hit.

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