My family has a tradition every Christmas season to add a new Christmas tree ornament to our collection. Every year we each get similar ornaments to go with each other.

Often, I admit, when I’ve gone to the store to choose our ornaments, the selection has been slim pickings because I waited too long. Some years we go simple, and some years our ornaments are pretty fancy. This year, I planned ahead and got the necessary items to make our own simple ornaments.

These wood slices are from my local craft/fabric store, along with bakers twine, chalkboard paint, chalk, and paint brush.

natural-wood-craft-slicesI had my husband drill a small hole in the top of the ornament for hanging before I painted. This can also be done after. Or you can use a small screw eye if you want to screw it into the side edge.

wood-slice-chalkboard-paint-pinterestAfter painting the center of the wood slice with paint, let it dry for 12-24 hours, as the label suggests. When the time to cure has passed, use the chalk to prime the entire writing surface (by covering the entire surface with chalk, then erasing). You are then ready to draw your design on your ornament. I’m sure my kids will love drawing their own designs or images for years to come!


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