When my teenage son asked me to knit him something for his 14th birthday I didn’t dare say “no.” The likelihood of that ever happening again is slim for sure.  He wanted a Dr. Who scarf!!  He only had a few requirements.  It had to be really long and as accurate in color and pattern as possible.

knit a dr who scarf

We watched an old classic Dr. Who (4th doctor) episode together to see the doctor wearing the scarf and so I could get an idea of what I was up against.  The scarf was much longer on the show than what I was willing to knit – I mean the thing was really, really long. I mean it must have been 30 feet long.  No thank you!  I found an amazing website dedicated exclusively to the Dr. Who scarf.  The site is http://doctorwhoscarf.com.  We used the following color swatch to match the yarn the best we could.


source www.doctorwhoscarf.com

source www.doctorwhoscarf.com

I worked diligently on the scarf for about two months and though the scarf was finished after his birthday, it kept him excited the whole two months and gave him something to look forward too. He even helped me measure and cut all the yarn for the tassels.  When I was finally finished, he put it on and called me “Beloved Mother.”   Totally worth it!

dr who knitted scarf

Dr. Who knitted scarf

It’s fun to be hanging out around the house, watching a movie or something, and I look over and my son is bundled up in the scarf. He even wore it to a friend’s house when a few of them gathered to watch a special Dr. Who episode together.

He did not want his face in the picture.  So. . . . I improvised.  :0)

knitted dr who scarf pattern

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  1. Cindy

    I am dying laughing at that picture. What a great mom to take opportunities when you see them.

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