I have a distinct childhood memory of my mom mentioning that pie was her weakness. Even as a child I remember thinking, “Pie? Hmmm.” For me I guess it’s always been about brownies.

Not that I don’t like pie. I love pumpkin pie and pecan pie, am happy with a piece of apple or cherry pie, but will gladly take a “pass” if it’s a cream-filled pie. I’d actually rather eat my cooked fruit in a “cobbler” or “crisp” format, which is what helped me realize that it’s not the pie I don’t love so much, it’s the crust.

My grandma made amazing pie crust (if there is such a thing), but I dutifully spent years trying various methods of making pie crust and just not loving the results. I’m pretty sure I was turned off by the fact that it’s mostly flour and fat, which was so unappealing to me. I’ve often said that I’m amazed no one has invented anything better than pie crust as we know it. A sister-in-law inspired me years ago to just buy the dang crusts from the refrigerator section at the store, which was genius, since I don’t eat the crust anyway.

Last month at my aunt-in-law’s house, I had a slice of something from my dreams: crustless pumpkin pie. It exists! I’ve often thought that pumpkin pie doesn’t really even need a crust. I was right.

I use store-brand pumpkin for cakes, breads, and cookies, but reserve the Libby’s pumpkin for pie. So I turned to Libby’s to find a recipe for crustless pumpkin pie. Who knew?


(I’m still lovin’ my clean oven :)

Crustless pumpkin pie needs a greased pie pan and a longer bake time at a lower temperature, especially if it’s in a glass pan. AND, you can bake it in a huge variety of shapes and sizes (think square) since you aren’t restricted by the crust’s ability to conform. Libby’s has done all the figuring for you. Check it out.

Granted, it’s not quite as pretty as a pie with a crust (and it’s harder to get out of the pan), but it’s a small price to pay for the deliciousness (and did I mention fewer calories?). And for the kudos from your kids for making pie “just because.”

My new favorite: caramel-sauce-and-whipped-cream-topped pumpkin pie. Don’t ask.

  1. Beth

    I’m asking. For the carmel sauce recipe!!!

  2. Edith

    yes please on the caramel sauce :)
    and I love pumpkin pie but not so much the pie crust. I am going to try this!

  3. Cindy

    Okay, it’s not so much a “recipe” for the caramel sauce as it is the fact that I have a giant Ghirardelli pump bottle of the stuff left over from a wedding and therefore “need” to find ways to use it. I’m just saying, caramel is amazing on many things…

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