Tradition in our house: the tree goes up right after Thanksgiving, not a day sooner. I really love Thanksgiving and I really love Christmas and want to celebrate them each separately.

family-stockings-hung-by-the-fireOur tree is up, its decorated, and our stockings are hung by the fireplace!
Don’t mind the wrinkled stockings, that’s what 11 months of storage looks like before a good ironing!
If you recall last year, I had our stockings hung up with our make shift name tags, we had color coded foam letter to distinguish between them on Christmas morning. This year, I’m happy to report our new name tags are being used and I couldn’t be more excited!

I embroidered the names in a small font with my embroidery machine (this is on a thick natural cotton fabric). Then I trimmed it down to size with pinking shears. Sewing that onto a red linen fabric, I enclosing both ends of a red ribbon. Lastly, I trimmed around the red linen and looped the tags onto our stockings. My linen is cut on the bias to the edges will not unravel, but still gives it a raw edge look.

pinned-imagemom-name-tag-stockingYou can easily make tags for your own stockings, as well, using a no-sew method. Use a permanent fabric pen or marker to label on the fabric. Don’t bother with the double layer fabric. Trim fabric with pinking shears, and punch a small hole to loop yarn, ribbon, or twine through!

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