Christmas Decorations

Last year my family was relocated to Charlotte for my husband’s work and we had movers come in and pack up our things.  It was really interesting to have them in my house packing up my things.  That being said, I didn’t really know what ended up in what box and where!  They were extremely organized and labeled everything, but all the boxes looked the same and it made unpacking life a little tricky.

Knowing we’d probably only be in our rental house for a year before we decided to buy, we left most of our things packed in boxes.  My husband was in the house when the movers unloaded; I wasn’t.  So things ended up in unexpected places.

The day after Thanksgiving we decided to put our Christmas decorations up (not a day before, we are strict after Thanksgiving decorators). We decided to try and venture through some boxes and see if we could find our Christmas stuff.  We found our Christmas tree box…and that was it!! We searched in every corner of our house.  I panicked!! Memories from our childhoods were in those boxes.  We had two storage rooms upstairs in our bonus room and my husband searched in those rooms several times, claiming he couldn’t fine anything.  We thought our boxes had somehow been confused with another family’s boxes who had their stuff in the big moving truck alongside ours.  We thought that because they almost left one of that family’s big expensive rugs with us.  Eek!

My boys were very disappointed!  So what did I do? I took them to the dollar store and had them pick out some cheap, easy Christmas decorations and tree ornaments.

My biggest disappointment was losing this red painted cabinet door I had spent several hours painting the year before.  I was so excited to put it up, and was crushed at the thought it was gone with our other things.

Now jump ahead a year; we relocated again.  Guess what we found in those storage rooms in the bonus room as we moved?? I guess I shouldn’t always take my husband’s word for things, right? I don’t blame him though.  I had searched inside the rooms several times, too.  What happened was our Christmas boxes were put inside another larger box.  We didn’t expect that.

I bought this cabinet door from a neighbor and saw cute subway art type things all over Pinterest.  I wanted my saying to be spiritual and meaningful so I choose one of my favorite Christmas hymns to put on it. I have a Silhouette Cameo and used vinyl to make this.  It was a fun project.  I’m glad we found it!

Christmas Word Art

Christmas Word Art Decor

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