We love big get-togethers with cousins and friends, but sometimes after a few days or hours with everyone together in tight spaces, the kids need a reason to go outside and move.  One of the activities that I love is Photo Scavenger Hunts.

Photo Scavenger Hunt

Here are a few tips to set up your own Photo Scavenger Hunt:

  1. Put together a list of objects to find or do.

I like to put in everything from “Take a picture of an Out of State License Plate” to “Make a Video of someone doing a Bike or Skateboarding Trick” or video of “Someone singing an original song that is at least 20 seconds long.”

Also keep in mind what season it is, and where you are.  In the summer, you can list something like “Someone jumping into a Swimming pool” or “Eating a popsicle.”  In the Fall you might want to include “A Yard full of Leaves” or “Someone raking leaves.”

  1. Determine a time limit.

You can either set a certain amount of time, and give credit for how many items get done in that amount of time, or you can see which team finishes all the items first.  If you have some really challenging items that might not be found, then sometimes it is better to set a time limit.

  1. Split into teams.

When doing this with a wide range of ages, make sure that you create a good mix of older and younger kids per group.

  1. Plan to view the results as soon as they are done.

When the Scavenger Hunt is over, the kids are excited to show you what they have done RIGHT THEN.  They don’t want to wait until later.  The initial excitement always adds a lot to the viewing and you get a lot more commentary when it is fresh in their mind, so make sure to be ready when the teams get back.

Photo Scavenger hunt dog

Here is a list of items that I used for our last Photo Scavenger Hunt.  Feel free to Print Out a copy to use, or have fun making up a list of your own!

1. Yard full of leaves
2. Spell last name with photos of individual letters you find outside of the house
3. Most unique car
4. Video of a bike/ Skateboard trick
5. Video of sliding down a slide
6. Someone playing Sports
7. Video of someone singing a song from the radio
8. Photo of someone crossing the street
9. Someone climbing a tree
10. Photo of a sign posted up somewhere outside
11. Photo bomb (you need to be in the background of a photo with other people in it)
12. Video of acting out a Disney movie scene
13. Photo with an animal in the photo
14. Video of a Dance Party
15. Video of someone using body to spell out HAPPY BIRTHDAY
16. Picture of something that starts with a K
17. A bug
18. Video of an original song (at least 30 seconds)
19. Picture of someone wearing a hat (stranger)
20. Something that begins with the letter Z
21. A Boat or RV
22. Fire Hydrant
23. Mailing a real letter
24. An out of State License plate
25. A garden gnome or yard statue
26. Origami
27. Video of a Paper Airplane distance contest
28. Using trick photography Make yourself appear really small
29. Using trick photography—someone Holding something heavy up with your hand
30. Video of an original commercial

Photo Scavenger Hunt List


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  1. Edith

    How fun. You should make one of these up for our upcoming reunion!

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