The struggle is real! Halloween and costumes every year. I have good intentions but let’s face it, it doesn’t always happen in a timely manner.  Sometimes my problem is that I’m mentally preparing to have costumes done by October 31 – Halloween right!?!  But what about the parties the days and weeks before.  That part always gets me.

I’m telling you the thrift stores are my best friend when it comes to Halloween costumes!

Here is an “Old Man” we pulled off with the aid of our local thrift shop.  We found a great old jacket, hat and glasses and paired it with our own umbrella, boat shoes and tan pants.  Voila – Old Man Costume!

Thrift Store Halloween Costumes

And here is a quick “Hobo” costume we made the year before “Old Man”. We used shoe polish and dirt to rough up a second-hand hoodie.  He had fun rubbing in the dirt to make the clothes dirty and he found the stick to tie up his hobo bag to.  An old hat and, BOOM – Hobo costume is complete!

easy halloween costume

And almost anyone can pull off “Nerd” costume if you’ve got a button up shirt, suspenders and a pair of glasses.  The glasses can always be found at the dollar store.

last minute halloween costume

Don’t forget to save the accessories in a box somewhere for years to come.  We frequently rummage the costume box on spirit days during the school year for a funky hat, or a nerd pair of glasses.


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