My sidekick husband is pretty fond of a hot breakfast, so much that he tends to make it more often than I.
While strolling through the kitchen section of our local grocery store, my sidekick discovered a round silicone mold he had envisioned in his head for years (similar to this round mold on Amazon).  It’s purpose is to make your fried eggs round. A perfect shape to fit an English muffin for a breakfast sandwich. This works much better than the biscuit cutter he has tried!

silicone-fried-egg-mold-to-pinIt’s so simple to use. Spray some cooking oil on your pan; I usually use butter. Rub your silicone mold around in the oil to get the sides and bottom coated as the pan warms us. I’ve had the egg stick to the side of the mold before so I never skip this step.

Crack the egg directly in the mold and let it cook until the first side is no longer runny. By this time, you can easily lift off the mold without it sticking. If I lift it too soon, the runny top will flow out, destroying the perfect circle. Flip your egg with a spatula and cook the other side.

Not all English muffins are perfectly round, but the egg fits much better on the sandwich when it is round.
I love to add a little mayo and lots of mustard for my sauce. These are also good with bacon, sausage and cheese.

perfectly-round-fried-egg perfecly-round-fried-egg-moldfried-egg-sandwhich

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  1. Beth

    mustard and mayo? Interesting!!! We have molds like this that are metal. I should use them more often!

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