Holidays are a blast when kids show their excitement.  My boys love to decorate! They don’t take after me.  As each holiday nears they see the decorations in the stores and become super eager to go home and pull out our decorations. Last Halloween we had just moved across country – a couple weeks before – and most of our things were still in boxes.  I decided instead of searching through boxes I’d take my kids on a quick trip to Dollar Tree.  It’s cheap and I told each of my boys they could pick out a few things of their own. They were thrilled!  I love getting them involved and it’s a great way to show their creativity.  My oldest son is very organized and had a perfect spot for each item we purchased. Within 20 minutes our decorations were up and it lasted all month!

Dollar Tree Halloween Decorations

I was super surprised how many fun items they had. For $1 each the quality wasn’t bad!  If you don’t want to store the decorations for next year, you’re only out a few dollars if you toss them at the end of the month.


We haven’t made our trip this year, but I’m a firm believer in decorating for the holiday during the month the holiday is in. I have a few days of September left!

Dollar Tree Decorations

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