My 3 year old son is in love with being the villain. I’m not sure why?? After being introduced to the movie Peter Pan he loves Captain Hook. I don’t think he knows much about pirates other than Captain Hook is the “bad guy”. Silly boy!

I threw together this costume for him last year. I had the fabric on hand to make the red jacket and leggings. I used yellow felt for the front of the jacket and white cotton broadcloth for the neck piece (supposed to be a flouncy shirt front – this is really just a front piece with a velcro-ed neck piece), socks (white tubes of fabric that aren’t really socks at all), and sleeve additions to the end of sleeves (I sewed them to the end of the jacket). I used a large safety pin to close the jacket – no buttons needed. The shoes are dress shoes. I made the larger “tongue” out of felt and sewed them to the white tubes I used for socks.


The only trouble was the hat staying onto the hair. I ended up sewing the hat onto the wig. The wig easily stayed on his head even when the hat was sewn to it.


I purchased the: Hook (from Party City), Sword (Target), Hat (from the Disney Store), and wig ($1 section of Target). This costume was a little more effort than usual but it really paid off. My son used this at several different Halloween events and was probably the happiest kid all night! He truly was Captain Hook!



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  1. Beth

    how did you make the shoes/boots?

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