There are a few features of my house that I really love, which is good, since I had a huge part in designing and planning it.

Today I am going to share my kitchen island love.

I Love My Kitchen Island

Notice how there is no sink or multi-level going on? It almost wasn’t that way. But as I fiddled around with other plans, I had an epiphany. If I messed with the giant expanse of kitchen island, I would be giving up the best spot in the house to spread and cut giant swaths of fabric for sewing projects.

Giant swath of fabric

That thought horrified me, so this is the island I happily ended up with. And guess what? I use it regularly for everything from giant swaths of fabric to Christmas cookie extravaganza to science fair and school project zone. We also eat breakfast and lunch here and spread buffets here. And stack papers here, and groceries that need to be put away, and…

But I digress. I love my island. (By the way, this little piece of heaven measures 3’ 7” x 9’ 9”.)


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