Everyone has those memorable days that we think back to often. I had one of those days a while ago and recorded it in my journal. As I re-read this entry I can remember it like it’s today. I’m so glad I wrote this while it was fresh on my mind. Life is filled with valuable gifts. That day is one of those gifts:

“So here is a glimpse into what was going on at my house today:

Our 4-month-old baby: taking a nap upstairs. (I sure love this little guy who is growing so fast.)

Mom (me): sitting at the sewing machine on the kitchen table sewing a Halloween Luke Skywalker robe, made up from alterations to a bathrobe pattern.

3- & 5-year-old daughters: Playing “Cute Girls Hairstyles” on Mom’s hair, one girl on each side of my head (all three of us sitting on the table bench).

Finished the robe just as Baby woke up. Hurried to clean a poopie constipated mess in underwear of a younger female hairdresser before nursing Baby. Then hurried to untangle my hair. (I had to cut the elastics out. One hairdresser is getting pretty good at braids.) Let the hairdressers watch one Cute Girl Hairstyle video online before running out the door late to pick kids up from school. Got home from school pick-up in time to gather things and set up ‘big sister babysitting’ so Mom could do Cub Scouts. (The Cub Scouts were doing bike safety, bike obstacle course, and mile bike ride.) I had my husband get my bike down from the garage ceiling at lunch. Ten minutes before Scouts gathered at my house I checked the air in my tire. Found a ‘goat head’ sticker in the tire so I pulled it out. The whistle of leaking air followed. I decided to use Big Sister’s bike with the seat raised as high as it would go.


By the end of our 1 1/2 mile ride around our block two times my thighs were BURNING from the small bike with no gears! Walked in the door from Scouts to an older sister trying to comfort a crying baby who was very happy to see Mom. Turned on the oven to put in the lasagna I made earlier today just as Dad walked in the door from work. No homework done yet because the kids were at Scouts and babysitting.

Honestly, as I was sewing with the girls doing my hair I had to laugh at what the scene looked like and I thought how blessed I am to be a mom.

I also got stung by a wasp/bee as I was talking bike safety to the group of Scouts. It hurts.

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