In my boys’ shared bedroom, I was tired of the huge sliding doors on their closet. They never stayed on the tracks and when clothes fell off hangers they always made the door get stuck. I wanted the doors removed to avoid those problems. I hoped to see the entire kid’s closet, making it easier to keep organized and clean. With two young boys you can image how much stuff they quickly collect.

I drew up plans for shelves and hanging bars I wanted and my husband built it exact. The finished product turned out better than I imagined. It has been so great for messy boys to keep their toys and clothes organized and neat. I organize separate toys with the blue, red, and tan bins I found at Target.

This is by far one of the best things about my house. With kids, having things organized is a must for me!

kid's closet redo closet shelves

My sister, Beth, recently had her little girl’s closet redone with nice built-in shelves, as well. It’s another great example of how to organize children’s closets.

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