A few years ago we converted our outdoor patio into two small rooms.  One is a sunroom/play/sewing/computer room and the other is a small bedroom.  It was nicely done with some built in cabinets and desk and great big windows that look out onto the pool and let a lot of natural light in.  I’d wanted to put cushions on that window seat but hadn’t gotten around to it until last month.  My sister inspired me with her post about cushions for her outdoor patio set. I ordered custom sized foam for my bench from The Foam Factory, fabric that matched what I’ve already got going on with the house and set to work!  I love how they turned out and it adds such a nice soft touch to the room.

I love that you can choose custom dimensions and thickness for your foam inserts at the Foam Factory.  I added a zipper on the short end of each cushion. With the zipper I can easily remove them for washing or just take off the cushions and replace or update them at a later date.

Now, don’t pay much attention to the windows.  The glass gets intermittently sprayed for hours each day by the pool sweep and we have constant hard water spots.  UGH.  I’ve not been successful getting them off.  So for the pictures I just blurred the glass a little so you can focus on the lovely cushions.

window seating cushions in sunroom

sunroom window seating

window seat and cushions in sun room

window seat cushions

Here’s a picture of the foam insert.

foam insert for cushion

zipper in a couch cushion cover

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