Do you want a WOW birthday party favor for a horse-themed birthday party?  My five-year-old daughter loves horses so we planned a horse party for her at a nearby horse ranch.  I searched online for stick horses to buy but I got a crazy  notion that I could just make some.  I’d seen some really cute ones in the past that were homemade so I set out looking for a pattern.  I found the perfect pattern on Etsy here at this shop and I fell in love!  The pattern level is “easy – beginner”  and the pattern is completely versatile as far as combinations of fabric and yarn that you want to use.  Just look at all the fabric and yarn combinations I put together.  I made about 20 of them and one of them was for me to keep because I loved them so much.

party favors stick horses stick horse party favors

Isn’t this the cutest little herd of horses you’ve ever seen?

stick horses stick horses for birthday party stick horses 2She picked a horse that resembled a character from her favorite horse show.

girl horse birthday party

At the horse ranch they taught the kids how to approach a horse carefully and how to brush them and some simple things to do to take care of horses.


IMG_8672 IMG_8620 IMG_8584 horse party

This picture makes me laugh.  She wanted to brush the horses hair and this is what she could reach.

horse party for girls

horse birthday party horse birthday party 2






  1. Love this idea! What a cute birthday girl.

  2. I’m Interesred in ordering horses on a stick how would I be able to go about it

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