There is a whole lot of crafty going on in this family of ours!!  A couple of Etsy shop owners, some knitters, an artist, and a couple of photographers are just a few of our creative outlets.  Sometimes I get asked to be the photographer for a few product shots and I’m finding that I really like it. I typically photograph people. I’m good at photographing people/portraits but it’s nice to stretch my abilities and creativity into other areas.

One of my sisters offers adorable yoga mat bags and eco friendly reusable lunch totes on her Etsy shop: dance2create

Another sister offers really cute dish mats and holiday banners on her Etsy shop: alittlefrayed 

Today I shot a few earring shots for a sister who is going to offer them for sale on  It was fun to get a free pair of earrings as a trade! She has an Etsy shop called Stickiton and offers hand made earrings and cut vinyl designs.

four three oneA few months ago I took pictures for a different sister who was listing some new items on her Edeenut website. Her items are always so fun to photograph because I get to “inspect” them – more like admire them.  She is a very meticulous seamstress!

IMG_8517 IMG_8489

And back before Easter I got to photograph a few Easter eggs that a sister was offering on and a got to keep a cute set of eggs from that, too.




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