I got my son a little super hero key chain peg doll for his Easter basket. You can find them on etsy from the shop MadebyLayla. He was excited to clip it on his school backpack and kept it there all through the rest of the school year. He loves it and would pull it forward to show his friends and classmates.

peg-super-hero-key-chain-for-backpack-zipperFor his teacher and her student teacher he wanted to paint them a wooden peg and he kept telling them for an entire month that he was going to give it to them. I figured I’d better get my act together so the last week of school I got the paint ready for him. One teacher has long brown hair, he claims, and the other has short brown hair so he made each peg look like them. He also painted a peg to keep for himself with a black super hero cape.


peg-doll-super-heroWe did a final coat of clear protector, and slipped them into a clear plastic tube with a flip top lid and washi tape for giving. He thinks they are perfect images of each of his teachers and couldn’t be prouder.


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  1. How adorable! I love that he made them on his own.

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