This summer I decided we needed to initiate Operation Bedroom at our house. My six-year-old daughter is a bit of a . . . . shall we say, collector.  We haven’t kept up on regular maintenance and disposal of her “treasures” and it’s become a problem.  Her room is splitting at the seams.  She collects and wants to keep the strangest things.  I laugh out loud at the things I find in there.  My sister-in-law recently told me her son is the same way.  He collects things like raccoon fur.  Can you imagine finding that while you’re emptying the pockets of the dirty laundry?  Kids!! I do love how they see the beauty in all things.  Unfortunately we can’t keep it all.

The first step for Operation Bedroom was to have my daughter empty her room entirely!  I gave her baskets and boxes and sent her to work filling the boxes with everything in her room.  This took several days.  We did small portions at a time.  I didn’t want to overwhelm her with this process.  I’ve watched Hoarders enough to know that you have to involve the “collector” in the disposal process and only small amounts of exposure at a time.  We gathered all the boxes and stuff in another corner of the house.  My plan is to start going through each box together pulling out each item and asking ourselves do we need to keep it? Does this item bring us joy? Should we donate this to someone else? Is it making a clutter problem in our room/house? Is it stressing us out to keep it and store it?  Will anything bad happen to us or a loved one if we throw this item away?  Ok, I have watched too many episodes of Hoarders and Obsessed.

We will only put what we need and love back into her room. I might have to do some of this process by myself depending on how much stress it brings her.  Here is all the stuff we pulled out of her room.  YIKES!  WOW!  Embarrassing!

closet makeover

The second step is to rebuild her closet to best utilize the space and allow her easier access to the shelves and hanging rods so she can be more independent in putting things away and reaching storage places.  I’m keeping in mind that she will grow and her teenage closet needs may be a little different.  Hopefully we can satisfy both needs with this makeover. Here are before pictures of the closet. Her room looks perfectly clean.  Too bad we have to put stuff back in there.  See the book shelf on the right?  We went through that the other day and made piles of books to donate, keep for grandkids (in the attic), and keep for now.  We eliminated half and it felt really good.

closet organization closet makeover organization

The original plan was that my husband was going to re-build the closet.  I had drawn up what I wanted and measured it out and helped him with the shopping list for Home Depot.  Then he decided he had too much work to catch up on and other projects around the house that were more pressing before he had to go to Scout Camp. We ended up hiring one of the men that works for my husband on the houses that he flips. He does good work and he was available right away.  He came in and got this all done in four hours.

There are three things that I really love about this design.  One, there is a shelf above the lower hanging rod for even more extra space!! Two, there are three hanging rods.  The ones on the left can fit all child size clothes as well as teen/adult sized shirts and pants (folded over on a hanger). The hanging rod on the far right will hold longer length dresses for her when she’s older.  Three, the middle set of shelves are adjustable and we intentionally left the lower shelf high enough to put a laundry basket under there for dirty clothes

Closet doors were removed but can be put back on.  I think we will do a curtain rod along the front and hang something pretty that can be opened and closed.

bedroom closet makeover project


an organized closet

I found these storage bins 40% off at Michaels craft store.  They are the perfect size for her little clothes.  By doing this we were able to eliminate the dresser in her room altogether which really opened up the space.
closet organize makeover closet organized organized closet

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  1. Looks great! I love the three hanging rods. Many Shelves in a closet are also a must. You did a great job with the design.

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