When my children were much younger we attended an elementary school on the other side of town where I became very close to the office staff.  They genuinely showed interest in our family and knew us well.  When we moved and said good-bye at the office, the secretary cried and hugged us and told us how much she would miss us.  Soon after, I went to the office of the new school my children would be attending.  I stood at the counter/desk for a long uncomfortable minute before either secretary even looked up from the desk to acknowledge us.  This unwelcome vibe has continued over the years we’ve been there.  Those secretaries have not budged!!  They are still just as unfriendly as day one and I always feel like such a burden when I have to call in a sick child or drop something off.  Now I have a student attending a junior high and I’ve spent my fair share of time in the office dropping off lunches, PE clothes and projects that were left at home in a morning frenzy.  I’ve been greeted each time with friendliness and respect which surprises me.  It shouldn’t surprise me – it should be the norm – but it surprises me. There must be a few dozen parents each day dropping things off which require the secretary to then make the connection with each child.  UGH.  It’s probably not in their job description!  It’s crazy to see all the lunches lined up along the counter some mornings. But each day they are friendly and smile.

Today as I drove home, after dropping off a school project for my son at the junior high, I had an idea.  This is just a random act of kindness idea since I am way overdue for staff appreciation day.  I put together this little print up.  I’ll staple it to the outside of a cute little brown lunch bag filled with the corresponding candy and drop it off tomorrow.  I’ll set it right next to all the lunches that line the counter.

random acts of kindness


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