The low late sun blasts in through our dining room window. It glares in our eyes as we hang out and eat on our back patio. We came up with a simple solution and now our back yard is a happening welcome place all year long! Making our own drop cloth patio curtains was the best thing for our new house.
When these curtains are closed it blocks the sun and still lets us keep our window blinds open. They look cool and give a cool vibe to our back patio. We can also hang outside at night without being in the view of our neighbor’s master bedroom, not that it has ever been a problem, but at least we’ll feel better about it.

The only supplies we purchased for this simple project were:
3/4 inch conduit pipe, 10ft: $3.50
2 hooks: $1.00 each* (In Home Depot hardware drawer area)
9×12 canvas drop cloth: $22
A pack of curtain drapery clips
(optional: A hack saw if the pipe is too long for your patio.)


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