I have fallen in love with all the images of weaving lately. There are so many creative designs that make my eyes go crazy. Instagram has been my favorite place to see the eye candy. Just search “#weaving” and you’ll be hooked!


For Christmas, I got my son a Melissa & Doug Weaving Loom on a whim. I actually hadn’t even seen the weaving sensation sweeping the internet back when I ordered it. I was only thinking what a creative gift for a 7-year-old to figure out. We tried it out together first from the simple instructions included, and he was pleased. He had more of an attention span than I thought he would have. So far, the loom has been used by him, me, and even my 12-year-old son!The loom came with some rainbow yarn, a large wooden needle, and other supplies to get started. I pulled out my selection of yarn from the closet and we bought quite a bit more from the store for a variety of colors and textures.  I tell you, it’s hard to just buy one skein of yarn!

I wanted to do more complex designs so I did some searching and found some great information on A Beautiful Mess. They have a few posts that walk you through step by step. Start with Weaving Class: the basics and you’ll get the hang of it in no time!

This is my first completed weave and I plan to do many more, after all I have to use up that yarn some how.

weaving-just-off-the-loomyarn-weavingMy 12-year-old used the ipad to follow along with the weaving posts on A beautiful Mess, and he was able to create his own weaving.

When I started making my first weave, I was sitting comfortably in bed and didn’t want to bother with the huge wooden loom. Instead, I got a piece of cardboard, made slits in it and used that as a loom. It was easy to lay aside and pick up again another night.

I didn’t have a large blunt needle to use so I decided to use this little thing, called a bodkin.  It was the best happy accident!

It’s from JoAnns fabric store and is originally used to poke out corners when you sew, or to pull elastic though casings or flip skinny tubes right side out. You can find it on the notions wall. It was perfect for weaving and I plan to buy another one to keep with my weaving supplies. The ball on the end is great to guide the yarn in and out of the warp. The larger hole is easy to thread the yard through, too.

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  1. The weaving looks like great fun for you and your son. I haven’t really heard much about it on the web yet. I guess I haven’t looked around much.

  2. Looks fun. If only I had time for another endeavor. Haha

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