I have had many great experiences with purchasing thick foam online and having it shipped to me. For the DIYer this is the money saving way to go. You have more options in custom sizing and widths than your local stores can provide.

patio chair framesI first tried out Foam Factory when I needed to make six covers for our back patio chairs. We had recently bought the patio set on Craig’s List, but the chair cushions weren’t included. I looked around at outdoor home improvement stores and found no options for our chairs. For our chairs, we needed a 6” thick foam so the cushions wouldn’t slip through the back opening. This thickness was not available at the big box home improvement stores.

I bought the foam in my specified measurements from Foam Factory for the chair seats. For the back padding, I stuffed it with a lot of polyfil.

patio chair cushionsThe 6 foam cushions, the outdoor fabric, and all the supplies that I used to make the cushions, ended up costing a lot less than brand new cushions from that big box store that were only 5″ thick.

After the patio chair foam was a success, I decided to order some memory foam mattress toppers. My son needed one for his twin bed, and I got one for my queen size bed. They were just what I hoped for and that sealed the deal with Foam Factory for me.

Fast forward to now, my third purchase of foam. This time I ordered foam to replace my old couch cushions. This is the couch right after we received it as a hand-me-down, many years ago.

couch beforeIt had a solid frame and fit our budget: free. I was just not a fan of the plastic, fake leather. It was sticky, loud, and cold to sit on. There were holes and tears in the cushions which my little kids liked to pull at. I made a slip cover for it right away, and we have enjoyed it for years.

The time had finally come for the cushions to be replaced, so I ordered new foam and now the couch can be used for many more years to come. The foam is firm when you order it, just like a brand new couch. Over time the cushions break in and soften.

couch afterOne thing that is so neat about ordering foam online is the way it is shipped. It comes to you in a small box that you would never imagine 6 cushions or a memory foam mattress would fit in.

I had to take pictures this time when the three couch cushions arrived to show you how amazing it is. You need to open the package up right away, and let the foam sit over night to expand to full size.

Here is how the squished cushions expand in just a matter of seconds. Three large couch cushions fit in that box, crazy!





foam-cushions-shrink-wrappedcouch slip cover

  1. So cool to see them expand! I will have to check this site out. I recently made covers for some couch cushions. The foam was purchased on amazon, but I interested to see what the price and size difference could have been using Foam Factory.

  2. Beth

    OH YAY. I just placed my purchase from your recommended site and am going to FINALLY make cushions for the window seat in our sun room. I’m so excited. I will definately blog about it!!

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