My kids really do like vegetables, but somehow taking a few minutes to cut up a cucumber, or gather all the carrot and mini-pepper bags from the fridge (even if it really only takes a few seconds) is never worth it for them. And really, not always worth if for me, when I am hungry and in a hurry. Vegetable Tray

My solution has been to put together a vegetable collection right when I come home from the grocery store. As I’m putting groceries away, I just make a pile of vegetables that I want to prep over by my kitchen sink.  Then it is easy to wash, cut off stems and pile them all in one of my favorite Tupperware containers.

Vegetable Tray

Then over the next few days, Veggies are always ready for:

  • After-School Snacks
  • Making School Lunches, and
  • Quick add-ins for a lunch-time salad.
  • Vegetable Prep
  1. Edith

    I find that if cut up all the stuff after shopping it is easier to have ready for school lunches too. It’s hard for us to get lunches packed early on school mornings, so having them already pre-cut and bagged means the kids just need to grab a baggie.

  2. My children truly do like vegetables, yet by one means or another taking a couple of minutes to cut up a cucumber, or accumulate all the carrot and smaller than usual pepper packs from the refrigerator (regardless of the possibility that it truly just takes a few moments) is never justified, despite all the trouble for them. Also, truly, not generally worth if for me, when I am ravenous and in a rush.

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