This box on my front porch has made my life so much easier. I love the months when it arrives on my doorstep. Have you noticed there is a trend with what I’ve written about on the blog? Things that make my life easier! In this case it’s Amazon Subscribe & Save. A monthly subscription, where you can order from among the many items offered, delivered right to your front door, is the best thing I can think of, saving me money and time!

amazon-box-on-front-porchYep, I order my toilet paper through the mail. My biggest fear is some major disaster happening and we are stuck at home with our last roll of toilet paper. Or everyone else has run to the store and bought it all during the disaster and we have no way to get more. I’ve decided we will always have a nice supply of toilet paper in my house because of this.

amazonWith Subscribe & Save, I can choose how frequently I want an item delivered. I have most items set up to come every few months, even up to 6 months, depending on the item and how often my family goes through it.

There are a few things that I find cost less than I would pay at the store so I usually keep them on my subscription. Other things may just have a price drop for a short time and I will add it then. Once it is delivered, if the price has gone back up, I will cancel the next subscription delivery of that item. Amazon prices can change any time without notice so it’s nice to keep an eye on your current subscriptions and adjust your items as needed.

A reminder email is always sent so you have time to go in and adjust any items before the shipping deadline. If you have five items scheduled for delivery for a month, then you will get 15% off that delivery.

Some items I regularly have delivered are the Chia Seeds shown here, as well as the Annie’s brand macaroni and cheese. I usually switch every few months to the toilet paper that is on the better sale, so it’s not always the same brand. These country berry applesauce cups have no sugar added and they are nice for school lunches. Sometimes I’ll switch from the applesauce to peach cups, depending what is available. I also like these disinfecting wipes when they are on sale for about $7.

One of my goals in life is to make my life easier, and this Subscribe & Save does just that!

  1. I started using subscribe and save for diapers 4 years ago! best decision every. I never have to worry about running out because I get them shipped to my house well in advance. It’s easy to skip shipments and it’s easy to change the size I need ordered. I also order wipes! Sometimes I’ll throw in some tide or cereal if it’s on a good deal :)

  2. Nice,,,,

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