Since becoming a mother I’ve had the desire to start some fun family traditions for the holidays and continue some that my husband and I had as children. Enjoying activities together as a family creates positive emotions, and those become memories that last a lifetime. I believe effective family traditions promote a sense of identity and a feeling of closeness and security with this fast-paced changing world around us. Some of the happiest memories I have from my childhood are those spent with my parents and siblings. My children are growing older by the day, and this year I’ve decided that I’m going to start some family traditions. Searching around I compiled a few of my favorite Valentine’s Day traditions I’d like to start with.

  1. Valentine Postmarks

There are several U.S. communities with love-themed names that will postmark letters to your loved ones with a fun Valentine’s Day themed stamp. For example, who wouldn’t think it was neat to get a letter postmarked from Loveland? Since 1947 more than 12 million Valentines have been re-mailed from Loveland, Colorado to around the world with the special “Loveland” postmark stamp on them. In 2013 over 200,000 cards were handled. It’s simple; here is what you need to know to get started.

Loveland CO Valentine Postmark

-Properly stamp and address each individual Valentine and put them all in a larger, stamped envelope and mail them to:

Valentine Re-mailing
446 E. 29th St.
Loveland, CO 80528

For delivery by Valentine’s Day here are some dates to keep in mind:

  • For international deliveries, your letters need to arrive in Loveland by February 4th.
  • For domestic U.S. deliveries, your letters need to arrive in Loveland by February 10th.
  • For deliveries within the state of Colorado, your letters need to arrive in Loveland by February 11th.

Surprise your kids this year with a special stamp from Loveland!

Here are other locations that participate as well, (information taken from uspsstamps).

368 Blohm Ave, Aromas CA 95004-9998
7815 Beauty Rd, Beauty KY 41203-9998
6664 Route 362, Bliss NY 14024-9998
200 W Main St, Hartsville TN 37074-9998
446 E 29th St, Loveland CO 80538-9998
P O Box 9998, Lovely KY 41231-9998
1 Leacock Rd, Paradise PA 17562-9998
239 N Hall St, Valentine NE 69201-9998

  1. Custom Heart-Shaped Lunch

Do you pack your kids a lunch? Why not customize it with a fun heart-shaped surprise? Let them open their lunch bag with a smile. Grab those heart-shaped cookie cutters; you’re going to need them to make a heart-shaped sandwich, cheese for crackers, cookies, cucumbers, or Jell-O jigglers. I love some of these examples on Find It For Weddings.  Can you imagine being in the lunch room when they open it?

  1. Heart Pizzas

When I was growing up, friends of mine would make heart-shaped pizzas with their families for dinner on Valentines Day.   I know several businesses sell heart-shaped pizza, but why not let your kids make their own? My boys are at the age where they love pulling their chairs over to the counter and helping me with whatever I’m making. Let them be in charge for once!

  1. Special Deliveries

Start on the first day of February and let your family pass love notes, drawings or surprises to each other.  This would be especially fun for elementary age kids. Here is an example of a really cute mailbox one of my sisters sells in her Etsy shop. There’s also a really cute printable in the February 2014 Parents magazine in the printable section online if you want to make a cute chair-back envelope with your kids. Target has sold little metal mailboxes in the past, and The Dating Diva’s website has a cute example for decorating them. The possibilities are endless.

Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 10.06.00 PM

Screen Shot 2015-01-24 at 9.41.23 PM

  1. We’ve Been Loved

To help share love outside of your home, this idea would do just the trick. It’s a gift that will keep on giving! Create a plate or bag full of goodies. Print these free templates below and pick two neighbors. Easy! Your kids can doorbell ditch for some added fun.

Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 9.54.35 PM

We’ve been loved

Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 9.54.20 PM

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  1. Beth

    what fun ideas! I want to try the LOVELAND letters this year :)

  2. Edith

    These are all such great ideas! I do the heart shaped pizza and I love Loveland, cool idea.

  3. With all these fun ideas I need to start making some traditions at my house. I want to do some sort of count down when February starts. Thanks for the ideas!

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