I was so surprised to see my local JoAnn’s store have some hockey fleece and quilter’s fabric available. Hockey tends to get overlooked, with football and baseball team fabrics taking priority. My husband was pleasantly surprised, too, and told me to be sure to get some. There are two professional NHL teams where I live, the Ducks and the Kings. We are not Ducks fans; my husband has been a Kings fan since he was about 14, way before they won two Stanley Cups.

I knew I would be watching my son play ice hockey soon enough, so I would need something to keep me warm. To make an easy fleece blanket, I folded the 2 1/2 yards I bought in half one way to trim and straighten the edges. Then opened it up folded it in half the other way to make sure it was square. I wanted rounded corners, so I used my cardboard roll of bias tape as a guide for trimming. The quilt ended up being just under 60″ wide after trimming.

To make it easy, I sewed the binding on the front and back in one step, using bias tape. It used extra wide double fold bias tape. Usually when doing quilt binding, I sew one side on and then flip it over to sew the other side down, so this saved me time. The black binding blends right into the black fleece so I wasn’t too concerned about mistakes showing. I used the narrower side of the bias tape on the top and stitched right next to the inner folded edge; this allowed the wider side to be caught in the stitching underneath.

When I got to the end of the binding, I folded in the end so the raw edge would be hidden, then kept on sewing until it was all attached.

One great thing about bias tape for rounded corners is that it bends and stretches slightly to make it easy to maneuver around curves.

I’ve already used this in the ice rink when my husband and son are skating and it’s so large that it keeps me plenty warm.

  1. Beth

    This is so cool Edith :0 First that you found the hockey fabric Second that your husband told you to buy fabric (haha when does that ever happen) and third I’ve never seen bias tape edging but what a great idea!!!!

  2. Pam

    My kids can’t sit down on the couch without a blanket (yes, even in the summer). This looks like a quick way to add a few more to my collection.

  3. I know, Beth! I love the bias tape. What a great idea. I see fleece blankets with tied edges or blanket stitched. the bias tape is awesome! I’ll have to try it.

  4. Edith

    Yep, bias tape or a thicker binding makes it seem more finished, I’m not a fan of the tied edges (heather).

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