Decorating my house for Christmas transforms it into a comfortable place to reflect on the meaning of the season. I love the lights and the greenery and the relaxing feel as I sit on the couch to take it all in. I love the celebration of Christ’s birth and the love that he brings into the world.

Our piano has a lighted garland with a set of soft, stuffed trees I made about 15 years ago! My sister and I had a craft night one December, in college, and this was our project.

 Around the corner from the piano, is a print from Graceforgrace shop on etsy. I love how the lights from the Christmas tree reflect in the glass of the frame.This cozy quilt I made, comes out once a year and adds lots of festive reds and greens to the back of the chair.

Decorating the Christmas tree is one my families favorite traditions. We each get a new ornament every December to add to the tree. This is something my kids look forward to every year. When they get married and have a tree of their own, they will have a collection of ornaments to take with them. I have memories associated with all my ornaments from growing up.

This Charlie Brown ornament has seen better days, but it is a favorite of mine, and helps me remember decorating the tree with my brothers and sisters.

Our tree has ornaments that I made when I was younger. In 1986 I was 6 years old!

 There are ornaments my son made when he was 6.

 Also, ornaments from Baby’s first Christmas! This is one of my favorites. After we adopted my youngest, years ago, in November, I wanted to get something special to remember his first Christmas.

I have the entire set of the Willow tree nativity scene, but this year I opted to just put out the simple holy family and a few animals. This picture makes me happy, such a peaceful birth scene with a special baby and his parents.

The twine wrapped trees I made years ago, come out every year now. I began adding some lights to the inside for sparkle. I love the way they look at night when our overhead lights are off. Even during the daytime, the lights add a twinkle to the trees and make them stand out on our fireplace mantle.

Our stockings are my still one of my favorite decorations to hang up. I made them about 7 years ago and I love everything about them, the shape, the cuff, the colors and fabrics.

I am still working on name tags to hang from them so we can get rid of the make shift tags, colorful foam shapes, we’ve been using.


  1. Cindy

    I seriously love the photography. It makes me feel all warm and cozy, and I don’t even like winter.

  2. Beth

    It looks so inviting. Just like Christmas time should be :) And I agree with Cindy – the pictures are great!

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